4 Guys and a Movie Podcast Episode 38 A Kid In King Arthur's Court

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  • Song Name: 4amPodcast Episode 38 A Kid In King Arthur's Court
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  • Year: 2016

So you wake up in your bathtub, covered in the ghost of gravy fries. Your roommate tells you they are going to that one place that has the really good pancakes, and you should come, too. You know this place is nearly as gross as last night's diner, and the pancakes are mediocre at best, but, your head hurts and you definitely need to eat something, so you come along to be a good sport. and figure at least the orange juice should be safe...

about halfway there your car breaks down, and a gorilla that escaped from the zoo suddenly attacks you out of nowhere, flinging poop and just generally beating the crap out of you.

Your friend runs off in terror as you feel your ribs crack, and everything gets kind of swimmy as you succumb to your concussion.

yeah. enjoy this movie.